Volunteers 2016

Volunteers Guidelines

Hello volunteer moderators, so glad you are here to help.

Please enter the Volunteer Lounge and ensure that you let me know of your plan to moderate. Just add your name to whiteboard. Text only in this room as we will be listening to other presentations simultaneously.

Moderators please run through the opening slides with details of speaker name and title and help the presenter to upload their slides. Use the map to locate visitors and mention all of the sponsors. Two new ones this year are Adult Learning Australia and Broadband for Seniors. Start with welcome to speaker and start the recording.

The keynotes will no doubt provide an introduction for themselves, but you may like to boost that with a friendly introduction to OZELIVE 2016. I usually like to keep a copy of participants in the room by saving Participants as a txt file. 

Keep an eye on questions in text chat and mention these for speaker at intervals or at the end. Let audience know that there will be a feedback survey pop up at the end - request filling it in.

And Recordings page will have all recordings links for review. Remind audience of the upcoming session and add the URL in txt chat for those who want to move directly to that room. (These are all in the Schedules)

Certificates are available for Professional Development in Ning Community http://australianeducators.ning.com/certificates I will be in the Volunteer Lounge if needed, for most sessions.


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