Recordings 2016

As conference sessions conclude, the links below will begin to take you to the recordings. No results for a link could indicate the session has not been held yet, the recording has not processed yet, or the session was cancelled. The first recordings to appear will be the full Blackboard Collaborate recordings -- in a few days the .mp3 and .mp4 recordings will then appear.

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Listings are alphabetical by the last name of the primary presenter. Use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search.

Kathy Beck RECORDING Global Google Mapping
Vanessa Crouch RECORDING Producing Digital Texts for the Australian Curriculum
Lisa DellaPorte RECORDING Students as Agents of Peace
Lisa DellaPorte RECORDING KEYNOTE - Exploring Responsibe Digital Citizenship
Lindy Fors RECORDING Using Student Narrative to Support Universal Design for Learning in Online Delivery (Foundational Learning courses)
Jo Freitag RECORDING Persona dolls: Dressed for learning
KEYNOTE - Going Global: Project Based Learning with a Global Focus RECORDING KEYNOTE - Going Global: Project Based Learning with a Global Focus
Deane Joosten RECORDING KEYNOTE - The Technology Toolbox: innovative resources for your classroom
Linda Keane RECORDING STEAM: Math and Modeling with Paper
Linda Keane RECORDING Creativity and the Classroom: Reflect, Create, Dream, Diagram, Model, Propose
Julie Lindsay RECORDING KEYNOTE - The Dragon that Roars - the imperative of online global collaborative learning
Paul Loranger RECORDING Developing Wisdom
Ben Newsome RECORDING KEYNOTE - Teaching Science Globally by video conferencing: learning opportunities abound
Raymond Pun RECORDING Collaboratively Designing First Year Information Literacy Program in Fresno State
Alicia Recigno RECORDING Creating Powerful Curriculum Using Student Experiences
Manhal Shukahr RECORDING KEYNOTE - The Online Toastmasters Demonstration Meeting
Bron Stuckey RECORDING KEYNOTE - Game Based Learning
Harry G. Tuttlee RECORDING Moving Students Up the Cultural Ladder
Harry G. Tuttlee RECORDING Higher-Level Thinking Mobile Activities