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Feedback and Wish List for 2017

Please share your feedback comments and wish list for OZeLIVE 2017.

Here's my feedback:

A huge array of informative, engaging and inspiring speakers and presentations have captured our interests and our hearts during OZeLIVE 2016, our third year in operation. Our goal has been reached, to promote Connected Educators and have them Shine on the World Stage! Thank you to each of you!

Fantastic support and assistance from our team in putting the site pages, schedules, keynotes and presentation submissions and acceptances together. A special shout out to Steve Hargadon, Ness Crouch, Anne Mirthschin and Peggy George for their mammoth efforts over the last few days. But wait there's more; we'll have the recordings in our YouTube Channel later and we already have a number of people accessing the Blackboard Collaborate recordings.

Thanks to our sponsors who help to keep our community running and provide the infrastructure for our conferences each year.

Here's my wish list:

Encouraging many more of our Aussie and International Connected Educators to share their global collaborative teaching and learning practices with our community and to step up to shine on the world stage!

Here's my suggestions for next year's scheduling:

Schedule the Keynotes and Presentations over a longer period of time (OZeLIVE Month - could be held in May) and to focus on a theme each week where relevant. This will aim to reduce the load on people's time and to whet the appetite for greater participation in the live sessions.

Please reply here and share your feedback and wish list for 2017.

Carole and the OZeLIVE team!

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  • Hi Melissa, thanks for presenting this year we would like you to return. Yes please do consider Augmented Reality as a presentation for OZeLIVE 2017.
  • Would love to develop a 2017 session on how to use Augmented Reality in STEAMed context. Here are some samples from 2015. Great vertical relationships between students, great collaboration opportunities for cross-faculty pedagogy, great communication device for school communications both local and global.

    Primordial Hum STEAM project (science, tech, music and art)

    Kindy STEAM project (science, maths, tech, engineering, collaborative art)

  • How wonderful to be connected to such wonderful thinkers and educators who are willing and motivated to engage in a digital environment! I agree with Linda, in that teacher accreditation and professional development should mandate a certain amount of credited e-learning sessions. This might take the anxiety factor away from collaborating in a virtual space. 

  • Thank you Linda for that networking with the Digital Learning Day. This is one of the best aspects of these conferences, the expanded connections.

  • Carol,

    The sharing of E-Learning Methodology, pedagogy, and programs for teachers and students is so vital for bringing education into the 21st century. Wouldn't it be great if all teacher programs required  E-Learning sessions every year to keep licenses refreshed? The idea for an OZeLIVE series is really interesting. Here is the US I know of Digital Learning Day and I will send them an email about OZeLIVE as if they posted it to their connected educators it might really expand connections!

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