Presenters 2016

Instructions 2016

How to Submit Your Proposal:

Please follow these instructions carefully. It is your responsibility to make sure your presentation proposal is submitted correctly. You must be signed up on the Australian Educators network and logged in to submit your proposal.  


1.  Join the Presenters Group to receive general emails for those who have submitted proposals.

2.  Copy the following text (highlight and ctrl+C/cmd+C on your computer):

Your Name and Title:

School or Organisation Name:

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

Short Session Description (one line):

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

Short 100 word bio of your background and experience in education:

3.  Click here to open a new Presenter's forum discussion post.

4. Post with the title of your proposed session.

5.  Paste the template text (ctrl+V/cmd+V) into the body of the forum discussion post.

6.  Fill in the session information according to the template.  

If you separate your answers with a blank line and bold the questions, it will make your proposal easier to read.

7.  In the tags field, use the strand tag code for the strand to which you are submitting your proposal.  You are welcome to use more than one tag if it applies to your session.

TAGS to be advised.

8.  Click the Publish button to save your proposal.

You are able to modify your proposal after it has been saved and up until it has been accepted. If you need to change your proposal after that time, please email

Scheduling Your Session:

Once your proposal has been accepted you will receive an email from conference organizers and you'll be able to select a time for your presentation on either February 26, 27 or 28 to suit yourself. Please make sure you check your timezone.

Note: multiple rooms will be available for concurrent sessions and you will have a moderator in each session.  

The week before the conference you will be provided with links to your room(s) and advice in preparing your presentation.

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Channel

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Presenter Cafe Forum 2016

  • Stage Two: Acceptances and Scheduling

    The excitement builds!


    Thank you to those who have submitted their proposals for the OZeLIVE 2016 conference!

    We are now moving into stage two where we will be notifying you of your acceptance and providing instructions for choosing your times for presenting.

    Look for your email from Ness Crouch which you should receive by February 15.

    A schedule…

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  • Thinking about Presenting?

    Hello to all presenters,

    Stage One: Call for Papers/Presentations

    We will release the Call for Papers in December 2015 and promote in our networks. Please ensure that you are a member of this community and have accessed the Presenter 2016 page. There you will find instructions on how to Submit your Presentation for consideration, and a listing…

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  • Presenters: start your engines

    Hello to all presenters,

    We would like to confirm with you that all those who have selected a time on the Schedule have been allocated their own BbC room. If you have not yet selected a time, please do so today so that Amy can add your presentation prior to our start time tomorrow. 

    You will receive specific instructions on how to…

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  • Presentation Rooms Allocated

    Thanks to our mentor Steve Hargadon and our administrative assistant and all round coach Amy Brinkley, presentation rooms have been prepared for all presenters.

    You will find links to these and our lounge here:

    If yours does not yet appear, we are probably waiting for you to select a time here:…

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