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Volunteer Lounge Details


This page is ONLY for presenters and volunteer moderators, as the links below are the moderator links for the conference session rooms. Please do not share or link to this page. 

The Volunteer Lounge:

The "volunteer lounge" is the Blackboard Collaborate room which will be open during the whole conference, and where volunteers will report to get assignments for sessions, and where presenters can visit to get any help that they need at any time during the conference. The volunteer lounge is entered by clicking  If this link doesn't open for you, please use the following:

We recommend that volunteer moderators actually keep both the volunteer lounge room and any room in which they are moderating both open at the same time.


(try ctrl-F if you are having trouble finding a session)

Kathy BeckLINKGlobal Google Mapping
Vanessa CrouchLINKProducing Digital Texts for the Australian Curriculum
Lisa DellaPorteLINKStudents as Agents of Peace
Lisa DellaPorteLINKKEYNOTE - Exploring Responsibe Digital Citizenship
Lindy ForsLINKUsing Student Narrative to Support Universal Design for Learning in Online Delivery (Foundational Learning courses)
Jo FreitagLINKPersona dolls: Dressed for learning
Lucy GrayLINKKEYNOTE - Going Global: Project Based Learning with a Global Focus
Deane JoostenLINKKEYNOTE - The Technology Toolbox: innovative resources for your classroom
Linda KeaneLINKSTEAM: Math and Modeling with Paper
Linda KeaneLINKCreativity and the Classroom: Reflect, Create, Dream, Diagram, Model, Propose
Julie LindsayLINKKEYNOTE - The Dragon that Roars - the imperative of online global collaborative learning
Paul LorangerLINKDeveloping Wisdom
Ben NewsomeLINKKEYNOTE - Teaching Science Globally by video conferencing: learning opportunities abound
Raymond PunLINKCollaboratively Designing First Year Information Literacy Program in Fresno State
Alicia RecignoLINKCreating Powerful Curriculum Using Student Experiences
Manhal ShukahrLINKKEYNOTE - The Online Toastmasters Demonstration Meeting
Bron StuckeyLINKKEYNOTE - Game Based Learning
Harry G. TuttleeLINKMoving Students Up the Cultural Ladder
Harry G. TuttleeLINKHigher-Level Thinking Mobile Activities