OZeLive 2016

Stage Two: Keynote and Presenter Scheduling

This weekend we have put in place the technical infrastructure for:

  • Presenters to choose their preferred times to present their session(s)
  • Volunteers to choose their preferred times to moderate session(s)

The Keynotes that have been confirmed so far for their preferred dates and times are as follows:

  1. "Going Global: Project Based Learning with a Global Focus" Lucy Gray:
    Wednesday February 24 at 7am GMT +11
  2. "Exploring Responsibe Digital Citizenship"
    Lisa Della Porte, Alicia Recigno and Genevieve Murphy Thursday February 25 at 10 pm GMT +11
  3. "The Dragon that Roars - the imperative of online global collaborative learning"
    Julie Lindsay: Friday February 26 at 9am GMT +11
  4. "Teaching Science Globally by video conferencing: learning opportunities abound"
    Ben Newsome: Friday February 26 at 8pm GMT +11
  5. "The Technology Toolbox: innovative resources for your classroom"
    Deane Joosten: Saturday February 27 at 1 pm GMT +11
  6. "Game Based Learning"
    Bron Stuckey: Saturday February 27 at 5 pm GMT +11
  7. "The Online Toastmasters Demonstration Meeting"
    Manhal Shukahr: Sunday February 28 at 1 pm GMT +11

(These now appear in the Schedule (s) - choose the appropriate page for your time zone.)

All presenters should have now selected their presentation preferences, and these too display in the Schedules.

Next week you will receive your own Moderator links to those rooms. All presentations will be allocated to a separate Blackboard Collaborate room (currently being setup by Steve Hargadon) and links to these will be made available in the Schedule pages.

You will be able to add to your own Google calendars. Each will be recorded and later converted to MP4 versions for our OZeLIVE YouTube channel. (If you are unable to attend any of the presentations in person you will be able to review the Blackboard Collaborate recordings from our Recordings page.)

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  • If only I participated!

    • Still plenty more sessions to attend Cheikh. We welcome you try out any that appeal to you.
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