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  • I have had a phising email from Stephanie Assa. Does anyone know her? Can anyone check and if I am right, ban her? 

    • Hi Sorry for the late reply but yes we have addressed this issue and have tightened the requirements for joining

  • Here is a quick tip for using Appshare in Blackboard Collaborate that many moderators are unaware of..I have made a quick screen cast to show you.

    AppShare Tip #1

    • nice … useful tip, thanks
  • The Training sessions have commenced, please email me if you need assistance I am available 15-16 February for all time zones. Trial the BbC room and see if your ideas will work become familiar with the functions.

    Contact me: j55lyon@tadaust.org.au

  • Keynotes Presenters and volunteers if you are in need of some assistance to find your way around Blackboard collaborate. I am available this weekend to help

    Did you know you can only use PPT within BbC but you can share files. Did you know you can restore down your screen one third and see the text chat during an app share

    Did you know that you must have a head set.

    Remember!! this weekend across all zones. If you want some practice   or  just want to trial a portion of your presentation

    Email me and we will choose a time.  j55lyon@tadaust.org.au


    Junita Lyon

    Australia e-Series Team Member

    • Hi Junita,

      I just added you on Skype to connect, collaborate and learn together..

      • Great Sebastion!  Welcome to my Network, you will also find me at twitter junita55 and I have a face book page E-Capability

        It is always good to build our networks and share and learn from each other to help improve on our own practice.

This reply was deleted.