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  • OZeLive Reflections

    Scenes from my side of the wall ....

    Sunday I was eager to move into my office and get the laptop and iPad cranked up, I was excited to prepare for new connections and new horizons on the second day of OZeLive 2014.

    I needed to ensure that I could :

    1. facilitate the unconference at 8 am
    2. help setup rooms for presenters in the 9am, 10am and 11 am sessions
    3. check that we had promoted our Keynotes through email and Twitter reminders
    4. prepare for my own presentation at 1pm
    5. monitor the afternoon sessions and support my amazing team
    6. remain hydrated and comfortable for the day

    Phew we started on time and we were busy again. The Unconference enabled participants to choose their focus and we discussed 'favourite websites and tools for learning' and helped unpack some 'tips and strategies for adding more interaction to virtual classrooms'. All contributed with positive suggestions on these topics and gave some feedback on their experiences in OZeLive so far. Plus Anne and I did a couple of Pecha Kucha style presentations - just for fast fun! 

    During the day we were jumping from one room to another, rushing to complete our surveys, and sliding into our chairs for the next round of webinars from amazing people. The team were constantly checking on moderator schedule in the Conference Lounge and keeping our eyes on where the presenters were online. Thank goodness for the Conference Lounge volunteers and than you Ning and Skysa for the Who's online toolbar.

    A few technical issues cropped up during the morning - but our nimble team were onto it. Unfortunately we lost one presenter who was having connectivity issues. So we ran another impromptu session and focussed our OZeLive networking conversations on "What does 21st century learning look like?" Quote of the session: 21st century is so last century!

    Rolled on into the inspiring lunchtime Keynote with Julie Lindsay ["teacherpreneurs join worlds together"] and we were back on track. Many more fabulous presentations captured our minds in the afternoon and each of these was 'captured' as a recording. Note: all sessions were recorded and will be available during the week, thanks to Amy Brinkley from The Learning Revolution; all will be converted to MP4 files and uploaded to our You Tube channel, thanks to Shamblesguru.

    An exciting Keynote from Joyce Seitzinger @catspyjamasnz during the afternoon and a provocative Keynote conversation with Chris Betcher @betchaboy in the evening. Sunday provided many more engaging presentations to choose from and we moved swiftly into the After Party. Lots of great feedback and reflections on people we met, lessons we learned and connections we made from:

    • Romania
    • Australia
    • USA
    • Thailand
    • New Zealand
    • Argentina
    • Saudi Arabia
    • India
    • South Korea
    • Japan
    • Nigeria
    • Malaysia
    • Spain
    • Ghana
    • UK

    Thanks to everyone who participated - we salute you as Network Nomads.
    Thanks to everyone who volunteered - we salute you as Technology Stewards.
    Thanks to all our presenters and keynotes - we salute you as Wisdom Warriors.

    We encourage all to reflect individually in your own blog or in the Sharing forum.

    We hope you enjoyed OZeLive 2014 and will come back for OZeLive 2015!

    Note: we will migrate our Australia e-Series network over to the Ning during the year - please watch out for notifications of other weekly webinars for educators in our varied sessions:

    • Tech Talk Tuesdays
    • eT@lking Wednesdays
    • Community Connect Thursdays
    • Fine Focus and Serendipity Fridays.
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  • OZeLive 2014 - Get Ready! Set! Go!

    Let the fun begin!

    Greetings to participants from all parts of the world - we are ready for you all to join us in the 40+ sessions scheduled for you across the weekend.

    We hope you enjoy the presentations, the networking, the discussions and the exchange of ideas on several strands of educational interests. We believe there is something for everyone across all education environments!

    Sessions to inspire! Sessions to engage! Sessions to explore! You will find the full sessions (in your own time zones) at the Schedule page or click on the 'join us' image.

    Note: you can access the Schedule page even without logging in or becoming a member. Please invite your colleagues and friends to take advantage of that.

    Presenters, volunteers and participants are visiting from many different countries of the world! We hope you can find a little time over the two days to connect with several of them.

    Please take a little time to update your Profile - click on your own name after logging in and use the edit tools under options.

    Keynotes featured: February 22 (Sydney Time)

    1. Steve Hargadon on The Learning Revolution
    2. Nancy White on Engage and Ignite with Liberating Structures
    3. Gail Lovely on The Selection of Apps for Young Learners
    4. Sarah Stewart on Frivolous fun or innovative learning?
    5. Michael Graffin on The Global Classroom Project

    Keynotes featured: Sunday 23 (Sydney Time)

    • Carole McCulloch and the OZeLive team: Unconference
    • Julie Lindsay on Connect and collaborate for global understanding
    • Joyce Seitzinger on Pattern recognition: making sense of digital identity, digital curation and digital badges
    • Chris Betcher on Conversations for Change.

    OZeLive After Party!

    Everyone is invited to stay online until the final session the OZeLive After Party! This will be a great opportunity to unpack your experiences, enjoy some virtual refreshments and relax!

    Bring along your reflections on your favourite moments of the OZeLive 2014 event!

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  • Keynote Presenters for OZeLive 2014

    With the conference only one week away we have confirmed our keynotes and nearly all presentations. Check the Schedule page for details. We have been very lucky to secure not only Australian keynotes but also some fantastic global educators as well.

    Steve Hargadon from The Learning Revolution (our partner in bring you the conference) will be our first keynote. Without Steve and his dedicated team we would not be having this conference. Steve is going to share with us his experiences with The Learning Revolution.

    Nancy White is sharing her wisdom on how we can engage students online and offline. Her experience in education and her enthusiastic presentation style is always enlightening.

    Gail Lovelyan independent educator from the early childhood sector will share with us some criteria and considerations for choosing apps for early childhood education, with stellar examples of useful apps which can be used to enhance early childhood education.

    Sarah Stewart is an elearning and social media consultant.  Her presentation centres around work she has been doing the health sector to connect midwives through the Virtual International Day of the Midwife. This is a virtual conference which connects health professionals through social media and other formats to deliver professional development.

    Michael Graffin is a classroom teacher from Perth, WA. His work with the Global Classroom Project  and iEARN has broadened our perspectives on the idea of a global classroom and connecting and collaborating with classes from around the world.

    Julie Lindsay is another advocate for elearning, global connections and collaboration. She is presenting two sessions for us with her Connect and Collaborate for Global Understanding – A pedagogical shift session on Sunday as a keynote. Her consultancy work with educational institutions to flatten classrooms is world renowned.

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  • 2014 OZeLIVE

    February 22-23 2014

    The volunteer teams from Australia e-Series in collaboration with The Learning Revolution, are very excited about our first online conference in 2014.

    We invite you to join our network and consider participating and/or presenting on any of the strands for this event.

    Call for proposals now open!

    We’ve streamlined the proposal submission process for you and look forward to receiving them here.

    All presentations will be scheduled in Blackboard Collaborate virtual classrooms and moderated by volunteers. The 45 minute sessions will be recorded and converted to MP4 format, then made available in our OZeLive You Tube channel.

    Backchannelling and promotions will appear in Twitter under #ozelive and we will keep you informed through Social Media such as Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Strands will include:

    Web 3.0 / social media

    Educator 3.0* eLearning/ Blended learning/ LMS* Networking

    Collaborative learning / learning theory / pedagogy

    Use of technology in the classroom/learning environment

    PLEs / PLNs/PLCs

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We've created some badges for OZeLIVE 2015 ... they can all be accessed and downloaded from a set at Flickr ...
They are all jpegs and available in two sizes 150x150 pixels and 250x250 pix…
"Hi Ian, welcome to our community! We have a really friendly team of volunteers from across Australia. You've just been welcomed by Adrienne from SA?"
"Hi Ian, welcome to the OzElive community. Please feel free to share your education background and ask any questions. The group is a little quiet at the moment as we prepare for our 2015 event."
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Welcome back everyone!
Yes folks, the news is finally out there - the dates for our OZeLive 2015 totally online conference for educators have been set!

Friday February 27
Saturday February 28
Sunday March 1

We plan to have events on for half a day…
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I am planning to develop a new online professional development experience called 'Social Network Champions'. 
My intuition is telling me to use the massive open online course (mooc) approach which would bring in many participants. I ha…
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  • Blended Learning and Web Tools Sessions

    This weekend you will be lucky enough to hear from a number of talented presenters with hands on experience teaching in classrooms and learning environments using blended learning as a tool for education. I thought I’d take the opportunity to preview some of the sessions over the next few days to share some of the upcoming presentations. Shingo Gibson-Suzuki is a moderator of the Australia E-Series Community Connect sessions on Thursday nights Shingo is an eLearning coach. As a Japanese teacher…

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    Started by Ness Crouch in Featured and General Discussions 0 Replies
  • Seeking sponsors, presenters and volunteers

    Hello and welcome, If you are interested in being either a sponsor, presenter or volunteer please post a reply here. We will provide you with further information asap. See the Home tab for details of planning so far. OZeLIVE team!

    Read more…
    Started by Carole McCulloch 4 Replies · Reply by Carole McCulloch Feb 2
  • OZeLive 2014: Conference

    Welcome and thanks for joining, The volunteer teams from the Australia e-Series and The Learning Revolution Project are really glad that you want to participate in our inaugural online conference for educators across all education environments; schools, colleges, TAFEs, Universities, Community centres and Learn Locals. We will have something for everyone in our soon to be scheduled suite of free webinars. You may wish to propose a presentation on any one of the following strands: Web 3.0 /…

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  • I have had a phising email from Stephanie Assa. Does anyone know her? Can anyone check and if I am right, ban her? 

  • Here is a quick tip for using Appshare in Blackboard Collaborate that many moderators are unaware of..I have made a quick screen cast to show you.

    AppShare Tip #1

    • nice … useful tip, thanks
  • The Training sessions have commenced, please email me if you need assistance I am available 15-16 February for all time zones. Trial the BbC room and see if your ideas will work become familiar with the functions.

    Contact me: j55lyon@tadaust.org.au

  • Keynotes Presenters and volunteers if you are in need of some assistance to find your way around Blackboard collaborate. I am available this weekend to help

    Did you know you can only use PPT within BbC but you can share files. Did you know you can restore down your screen one third and see the text chat during an app share

    Did you know that you must have a head set.

    Remember!! this weekend across all zones. If you want some practice   or  just want to trial a portion of your presentation

    Email me and we will choose a time.  j55lyon@tadaust.org.au


    Junita Lyon

    Australia e-Series Team Member

    • Hi Junita,

      I just added you on Skype to connect, collaborate and learn together..

      • Great Sebastion!  Welcome to my Network, you will also find me at twitter junita55 and I have a face book page E-Capability

        It is always good to build our networks and share and learn from each other to help improve on our own practice.

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